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Scrap Car In Singapore By The Numbers

With 2.47 million new vehicle sales captured in 2014– the largest for a 10 years– it means lots of old vehicles will have wound up at the scrap car in Singapore yards. Actually, it is estimated that over one million automobiles are crushed every year.

The sale of recyclable salvage from old cars is only a tiny piece of the auto recycling pie. Concerning 65 percent of a junked car is made from steel (the rest is made from various other steels plus glass, rubber and furnishing). The cost for scrap steel and iron, though volatile, often hovers around $250 per lot. Growing economies in Asia have lead to greater need for scrap steel, bolstering the market worldwide. With 14 million lots of steel from cars being ditched annually adding to an industry-wide total amount of 76 million loads of recycled steel and iron, it’s very easy to see that vehicle recycling is a multibillion dollar industry.

Yet just what occurs to a vehicle when it is scrapped and how is it separated?

How to start the scrapping process

Whether or not you determine to ditch an old automobile you may have been lucky enough to have possessed, depends upon what the Independently Audited Worth of the automobile is, relative to any Costs you will need to sustain to fix the vehicle or get it roadworthy again.

To decide whether to keep your vehicle or not, begin by determining your Automobile’s Road Worth.

Stay clear of the temptation to utilize the precharted worth that you find on websites. This may have inaccuracies in it depending on when the data was determined and released online.

Unreliable data means you can offer your vehicle for less than the rate the marketplace is prepared to pay you for it. It might likewise bring about you overpricing your vehicle, and not obtaining many queries for it.

4 steps for recycling

When an automobile is brought to a scrapyard, it experiences 4 recycling steps:

  • Disassembling – the liquids and recyclable components are gotten rid of. These include batteries, wheels and tires, steering columns, fenders, radios, engines, starters, transmissions, generators, choose plastic parts and parts, glass, foams, catalytic convertors, and various other parts, based upon aftermarket demand.
  • Crushing – besides the recyclable components were gotten rid of, the automobile is crushed to a more convenient dimension prior to being sent to the shredder
  • Shredding – the shredder splits the smashed automobile into fist-sized pieces
  • Resource Recuperation – the shredded materials are divided into ferrous and non-ferrous steels, and general deposit. This residue, referred to as Auto Shredder Deposit or ASR, includes plastics, rubber, wood, paper, fabric, glass, sand and dirt. These materials comprise usually 20% of the automobile and they can’t be recycled.
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