FUT vs. FUE – Which Hair Transplant To Get?

Many men and women experience hair loss at some point in life. Needless to say, nobody likes losing hair. There are different treatments available to reduce hair loss. They include oral medication, topical medication, laser therapy, and surgical treatments like hair transplants.

A friend of mine was balding rapidly so he recently got a hair transplant from a renowned Hair Transplant Surgeon in Karachi. As curious as I am, I asked him about the different hair transplant procedures he had to choose between and which one he went for.

He told me briefly about the two types of hair transplant FTU hair transplant and FUE hair transplant as his dermatologist told him. And here is what I learned till now:

What is FUT?

The FUT procedure stands for Follicular Unit Transplant. It is a treatment where the patch or stip of the skin comprising the donor hair is removed. With the help of stitches or clips, the gap harvest formed is quickly closed and then it recovers into a fine but unpleasant linear scar which is noticeable. After that under a high-resolution microscope, each hair follicular unit is separated so that it can be transplanted in the desired area.


The greatest benefit of this treatment is that it has a 95-98 percent success rate. Other than that, this technique makes it possible to successfully implant the highest number of grafts in a single session. In this method, there is very minimal shaving required. In the donor scalp region, it often does the least amount of damage and allows the recipient the chance to perform further procedures at a later point. Records demonstrate that in terms of consistency, it has the most reliable performances. It also maximizes the number of grafts that a patient will use for life. And because of the less invasive transplanting process and microscopic dissection, it makes for the best performing grafts.


It required high scalp laxity of the patient so it makes the patient with a tighter scalp unfit for the procedure. In the donor region, it leaves a terrible permanent linear scar behind. Although the scar is normally very small (1-2mm) and difficult to detect, if you shave the hair short, it is noticeable. Even, FUT cannot be provided by all hospitals. Clinics should really be a devoted, autonomous hair transplant center to deliver FUT with a big, well-trained workforce. This might mean that for FUT surgery, patients would need to travel.

What is FUE?

The word FUE literally stands for Follicular Unit Excision. In this procedure, small sections of follicular units of the donor hair are cut one by one, using very precise punch tools. Forceps (medical tweezers) are then used after cutting across a section of the donor scalp to pull the individual graft out. In the donor area, the tiny holes then made by graft removal are left open and heal into dot-shaped bruises. Just as in a FUT method, the graft is then analyzed under a microscope and placed into the recipient area.


The greatest advantage is that this procedure does not leave a hideous scar, unlike FUT. The scarring consists of very small approximately 1mm dots. This means patients who have FUE can usually have shorter hairstyles. This also means that there are no stitches that need to be removed from the donor scalp area.

Another great advantage is that this procedure is suitable for people with tighter scalp or low laxity. People who had previous strip procedures can now shift to FUE and also remove additional grafts and can no longer endure more strip extraction. This procedure has made it possible to reach the parts of the donor zone where FUT alone can not be reached.


It is not suitable for a large number of grafts. It has sadly proven to be the less efficient use of the donor region. It also has a low success rate as compared to the FUT procedure and is poor in quality if compared.

Final Thoughts

The patients who want the best results and want to transplant a large number of grafts might go for FUT if they have loose skin and are not worried about the noticeable scar in the donor area. Otherwise, FUE is suitable for people with loose skin.

Meta Description: FUT and FUE are the two different hair transplant methods with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we compare both of these procedures and which is best suited for you.


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